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You should always bear in mind that:

The value of investments and any of the yield therefrom may either increase or decrease, which could mean that the initial investment is not recuperated.

Past yield does not mean that there will be future yield.

Exchange rates may cause the value of investments in foreign currency to increase or decrease.
Whenever you deems appropriate, you may request that Universal Gestió, S.A. provide you with detailed information regarding the current status of your investments.

Share prices and liquidation values for investment funds published in the media, such as the press, the television, etc. are merely informative.

Volatility is part of the nature of investment in financial assets and therefore the price thereof may see significant increases but also decreases.
Investments in different products spread the risk.
Should you have any queries about the information contained on this webpage, please do not hesitate to call us on +376 807 090.


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